Staff Directory

To search for someone in the staff directory, you may search by first name, last name, the department in which they are associated with, or a combination of these methods.

NameTitleDepartment / DivisionEmailPhone
Sam AnglinPatrolPolice
Ray BeanTrafficPolice
Joshua BennettPatrolPolice
Tony BerkshireReserve PatrolPolice
Eric BinneySchool Resource OfficerPolice
Rob DillonDetectivePolice
Branson EberPatrolPolice
Britt EdwardsPatrolPolice
Dan FarrisReserve PatrolPolice
John FloryPatrolPolice
Joe FloryPatrolPolice
Samuel FrySchool Resource OfficerPolice
Clayton FryeDetectivePolice
Dan FryePatrolPolice
Brett FunkPatrolPolice
Nate GarrisonPatrolPolice
Cody GrafPatrolPolice
Bryce HallPatrolPolice
Shawn HeishmanAssistant Chief of PolicePolice
Kassandra HooverAdministrative AssistantPolice
Jim KlepingerPatrolPolice
Cody KoedamPatrolPolice
Quinn McGovernPatrolPolice
Brad MillerDetectivePolice
Tyler MillerPatrolPolice
LeeAnn MoralesPatrolPolice
Adam MorrowPatrolPolice
Travis NoltePatrolPolice
Kyle PerkinsPatrolPolice
Tanner PrenticePatrolPolice
John RogersDetectivePolice
Jason RozziDetectivePolice
Chris RozziPatrolPolice
Joe SchlosserPatrolPolice
Cody ScottPatrolPolice
Jason ShidelerPatrolPolice
Brad SmithDetective/ EvidencePolice
Eric SmithDetectivePolice
Rob SmithPatrolPolice
DJ SommersPatrolPolice
Andrew StrongDetectivePolice
Marc VanhornDetectivePolice
Alec VantuinenPatrolPolice
Travis YikeChief of PolicePolice
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