Trash & Recycling Program


John “Tony” Shanks
Street Commissioner

Renee Gellinger
Administrative Assistant

(574) 753-4610
Fax: (574) 753-4600

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Department Hours:
7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.
Monday thru Friday

612 Race St
Logansport, IN 46947
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Who Do I Call For:

Street light that is out?
Municipal Utilities 753-6231

Potholes, holes in alleys or pull-offs?
Street Department for city streets. If on a state highway, you can call them at 574-753-3592.

Stop lights flashing?
Street Department for stop lights on city streets. If on a state highway, you can call them at 574-753-3592 or call us and we will inform the State Highway Department.

Street signs that are down?
Street Department if it is on a city street. If it is on a state highway, you can call them at 574-753-3592 or call us and we will inform the State Highway Department.

Low hanging tree limbs in vehicle travel areas or unsafe tree limbs along street/sidewalk?
Street Department if it is a safety issue. They will work with Logansport Utilities in removing unsafe limbs. Otherwise, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have trees in the tree lawn trimmed or removed.

Trash/Recycling Program

Residential Recycle Collection Program

  • Republic Services® and the City of Logansport will shift all single-family residents to an every-other-week fully carted single-stream recycling collection service. Recycling carts will be serviced with the same type of equipment and manner as residential solid waste carts. All single-family customers have been issued a blue 95-gallon wheeled recycle cart with a light blue lid. These recycle carts will be set out alongside the trash cart on your designated recycle collection route day. The current 18-gallon bins will no longer be collected at the curb.

Bulk/Heavy & Larger Items Pick-Up Program

  • At a designated time each month residents will be allowed to set out extra bags of trash or large items at no additional cost to the residents. Residents will be allowed to set out up to 2 items per month at the designated time. If you still need additional items collected that cannot fit inside your trash cart there are two additional prepaid programs at your disposal.
    · Prepaid Extra Trash Bags Tags/Stickers (extra trash bags not to exceed 30-gallon [tall kitchen bag] outside the 96-gallon cart with lid closed) $2.00 per sticker to be set out during regular trash collection day.
    · Bulk/Heavy Items – Defined as larger pieces of furniture, mattresses, box springs, chairs, sofas, rolls of carpet and padding, and non-Freon® household appliances not to exceed 40 lbs. $25.00 per item prepaid by resident by contacting Republic Services directly to pre-schedule pickup of such items.

City of Logansport Recycle A & B Week Collection Route Map

  • For trash totes, recycling bins, and information about items that are accepted please contact “Republic Services” at 260-563-2539.
  • APPLIANCES with Freon – For a $12.00 fee per appliance, the Street Department will pick up refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers at curbside or alley within city limits.  The fee is paid in advance at the Street Department and covers the cost of removing the freon by a certified technician according to regulations.  Improper release of freon can result in fines up to $25,000.00.  County residents may bring appliances to the Street Department for proper disposal for $12.00 per appliance.
  • The Recycling District accepts electronics (most things that require a power source), tires (April through July), lightbulbs, and batteries (except alkaline) at 15 Biddle St. Please call 574-732-9253 for available days and times, or visit the website at for a comprehensive list of programs.

Street Department News & Updates



Brush and Yard Waste Bags:

  • Brush pick up routes run every other week from April 1st to October 31st. Brush should be piled butt end out and stacked as neatly as possible with NO TRASH, WIRE or other debris as the brush is fed into a grinder to make mulch that is made available to the city and Cass County residents at no charge.  Brush should be placed either curbside or along the alley.  If you hire a contractor to trim or take down a tree, it is the contractor’s responsibility to remove the debris.  You may call the Street Department for brush pick up November 1st through March 31st.

  • Leaves, grass and flower/garden debris should be placed in biodegradable bags and placed in the same location as your trash toter (curbside or along alley). The Street Department bag pick up routes are the same day as your trash collection.  Biodegradable yard waste bags are available at McCord’s, Martins, Walmart, or Home Depot.  

    • Bags must be less than 50 pounds
    • No dirt, rocks, walnuts, animal feces, trash, concrete or plastic in the bag.
    • No plastic bags – yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  • If you pay someone to do the work, the contractor is responsible to dispose of the yard waste and/or brush.  The Street Department does not clean up after contractors.

Free Mulch and Compost:

  • The Street Department grinds the brush that is picked up into mulch and turns your yard waste to compost.  Both are available to Logansport city residents and Cass County residents at no cost.  Both are available at the Street Department Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.   This is on a “load your own” basis.


  • If a dumpster is placed in the street, you must contact the Street Department Office at
    574-753-4610 for a Request for Dumpster and obtain Board of Works approval.

Snow Removal:

  • The heaviest traveled streets and hills will be plowed and salted/sanded first.

  • Although our driver’s do not purposely throw snow onto your property, the snow has to go somewhere. It is helpful when you are shoveling your sidewalk, to shovel the snow onto your property and not into the    street or along the curbside; driveways should be shoveled to the side of the driveway the snow plow would be heading.  This will reduce the amount of snow thrown back onto your sidewalk and driveway. 

Street Sweeper:

  • The street sweeper is run throughout the city to clean debris from our streets when weather permits. The routes are done in sections.  Please keep in mind that weather may dictate when the sweeper is running.

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