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Arin Shaver, AICP
Planning Executive Director

Jamey Harper
Zoning Administrator

Ashley Rowe
Application Specialist

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Who Do I Call For:

Do I need a permit?
(574) 753-7775

What is my property zoned?
(574) 753-7775

What uses are allowed on my property?
(574) 753-7775

Am I in a floodplain?
(574) 753-7775

How do I split property?
(574) 753-7775

Are there certain standards new construction?
(574) 753-7775

Are there standards to open a business?
(574) 753-7775

This Subdivision Control Ordinance is adopted for the following purposes:

  1. to protect and provide for the public health, safety, and general welfare of the City of Logansport and the Jurisdictional Fringe Area;
  2. to guide the future development of the City of Logansport and the Jurisdictional Fringe Area in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan – City of Logansport and any related policies;
  3. to provide for the safety, comfort, and soundness of the built environment and related open spaces;
  4. to protect the compatibility, character, economic stability, and orderliness of all development through reasonable design standards;
  5. to supply proper land boundary records;
    1. to provide for the survey, documentation, and permanent documentation of land boundaries of property;
    2. to provide for identification of property;
    3. to provide public access to land boundary records;

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